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Recruiting costs can significantly impact your bottom line, whether you are small manufacturing company, a hospital, an IT consulting firm or any of many other verticals or business models.

  • Cost to Hire
    Leveraging global labor costs and economy of scale tooling, BenchmarkRPO clients normally realize a 40% to 70% savings over traditional recruiting practices, both in-house recruiting or contingency recruiting.

  • Time to Hire
    With a fully trained staff focused only on one client’s needs, each hour of each day is spent exclusively filling your openings without delays. This speeds your critical time-to-hire requirements.

  • Scalability
    BenchmarkRPO can handle large projects on short notice, and can easily scale up or down, freeing you from the headaches of temporary hiring and layoffs. This flexibility is difficult to obtain with contingency recruiters and impossible in-house.

  • Quality
    RPO combines the client focus of in-house with the training, motivation, and technologies of contingency recruiting, thus significantly improving deliverables quality over both traditional recruiting models.