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  • Cut recruiting costs substantially (40% or more)
  • Focus your efforts on what you do best
  • Off-shore all of your recruiting concerns, or
  • Empower your existing recruiters

Recruiters spend most of their time sourcing candidates, and little time actually recruiting. BenchmarkRPO can provide you with sourcing specialists, allowing your recruiters to do what they do best.

You know this story:

With contingency recruiters you get bombarded by wave after wave of resumes, many only marginally qualified. Managing multiple recruiting firms can be time-consuming and create real headaches. In-house departments require a huge amount of maintenance, from providing infrastructure, constant training, motivation etc. BenchmarkRPO streamlines the process, allowing your management team to apply their focus in other areas.



In-House Recruiting Model

  • In-house recruiting or HR departments usually require large budgets for personnel as well as infrastructure such as floor space, furniture, hardware, bandwidth, job boards, ATS's, passive technologies, etc. In-house recruiters generally lack motivation to hire, are usually under-trained, distracted, and seldom up to date with the latest technologies and trends.

Contingency Recruiting Model

  • Contingency recruiters are highly motivated to hire; for you and for your competitors. They service numbers of companies, and spread themselves thin, not allowing time to fully learn each organization's specific needs. Costs are very high with this model as there is a large fee incurred with each hire.

RPO Model

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is correctly defined as "outsourcing or contracting out select components/processes within the recruitment cycle". Headhunters, recruitment agencies and HR/corporate recruitment teams typically outsource the non-consultative or non-core elements within their recruitment process.
  • There are multiple RPO models, ranging from full-service end-to-end recruiting to team building to support your existing recruiters. i. Read More about RPO models .