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RPO Models

There are multiple effective RPO models, depending on the needs and infrastructure of each customer. These models range from:

  • Full cycle recruiting, where we handle all of your recruiting needs, to
  • Team building, where we empower your existing recruiters by proving them with a back-office team
  • We will tailor a plan to best fit your specific needs, blending different aspects of each model as needed.

Full-cycle or end-to-end recruitment involves executing the entire recruitment process from start to finish. Our Senior Recruiters can tackle the entire task for you.

Steps commonly found in the full recruitment process which can be managed by our recruiters include:

  • Coordinating with the hiring manager to define the ideal candidate profile
  • Writing a job description that attracts the ideal candidate
  • Posting the job description to appropriate job boards, social recruiting platforms, employee referrals programs, etc.
  • Direct sourcing through proprietary networks, job boards, social media, etc.
  • Reviewing resumes and visually screening applicants
  • Conducting phone screens
  • Short-listing candidates
  • Submission of candidate directly or through a VMS
  • Recording activities in an ATS
  • Scheduling and managing interviews
  • Performing background checks, employment screens, and reference checks
  • Onboarding your new hire

Empower your existing recruiters: Recruiters spend most of their time sourcing candidates and doing administrative tasks, leaving little time for actually recruiting.

To maximize your return from your costly in-house recruiters, provide them with a team to handle all of the lesser tasks that often consume their time and focus. This will allow your on-shore recruiters to do what they do best: interact with clients and close deals.

Recruiting teams can include one or some of each of the following:

  • Recruiting Lead
  • Recruiters
  • Sourcing Specialists
  • Recruiting Coordinator